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Socket 939 + AGP? Whats out there ?

Dennis T

OSNN Junior Addict
Thinking of a further upgade, having recently got hold of an 6800 GT AGP card, am not really keen to get the PE-I version !!!

Any recomendations a good over clockable Socket 939 for an AMD 3500+ 64 bit.... but must have AGP not Pc Express !!!!
asus K8V-DE Good board that is stable with everyhing have thrown at it. and it has AGP. and one thing that was said here. Nforce4 sencond Gen will not go agp they will move to a true SLI with 16x on each slot. other than that i dont know of many that are good.


OSNN Advanced
LeeJend said:
I'll answer that after 3 months the first OSNN members get them. Nothing like reading the field beta's before making a commitment. ;)
At this rate I might be the first to get the nf4 then.. lol. that'll be like summer 2006 if I can wait that long.
The new NF4 MSI K8N is a great board. I haven't used it but I have a friend of a friend's brother's, sisters, boyfriends, dads, cousin who has one and he loves it.

No but seriously, I have a friend who is bragging to me about it. Since I have the Neo2 and I love mine, he wanted to one up me. Too bad he has a crappy video card (X300SE). I can still brag about power overall. :)

Dennis T

OSNN Junior Addict
ming said:
wait for 2nd generation nf4 boards.
Love too, but my understanding is they will NOT support AGP Graphics...

Or am I missing something ???

The challenge is I do not want to upgrade my 6800 Card which is only a couple of monthe old... If i wait too long, there will be no AMD 63 bit AGP boards out there !!!

Currently running Chaintech Nforce2 board..

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