So, what duya think of XP?



Well I have had my XP Pro up and running for a couple of weeks now.

I first did an upgrade at work from 98 to XP Home Edition.

I then did an upgrade on my home computer from Windows ME to XP Pro. My son also did an upgrade from 98 to XP Pro.

For all that swear by a clean install, all I can say is the three upgrades installed without a hitch. Very smooth.

The usual minor things like doing a couple of re-installs of some programs that apparently got confused, and some additional drivers.

Well with seeing XP run on three systems, all I can say is I am extremely satisfied with it. I was a bit nervous about doing this at first being I had been a long time 98/ME guy with no experience with NT/2000/XP at all.

I am impressed with the features, stability, and especially with the memory handling. Finally an operating system that knows what it's doing in the memory area.

I am an avid gamer and have not had one single glitch with any of my games. My one complaint is XP and the defaulting to 60 hz refresh rate issue. It's hard to believe for me that Microsoft built an operating system of this caliber and has to have a third party program to do with the refresh rates what it should have been able to do itself. I wonder how Bill Gates adjusts his refresh rates. Maybe he is still using 98? Heh heh.

I am still learning all the nuances of tweaking this OS but that is part of the fun. XP is not nearly as hard to run and control as I was lead to believe. I'm getting more comfortable with it as I go.

The Event Viewer is a trip. Like a diary of daily activity. I was concerned at first when I saw some errors in it but realized once you start disabling some services it will cry a bit about them not running.

One issue I have not been able to figure out. I have a 250 zip drive. In the Event Viewer it lists a warning that the driver has disabled the disk write caching for it. In Device Manager it shows it a enabled. Beats me on that one. I also have a 250 zip in the other two machines and it shows the same thing.

All in all though, I am very happy I made the move.
Another satisfied customer here

I love XP ... no matter what i do to it it wont crash..... all my games run perfectly ......

The memory management is superb........ customisation is great and easy

what more can i say

I LOVE XP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had 98 down cold, now I have to learn everything all over.

Small price to pay.
I upgraded 2 machines, 1 from 98 and the other from ME. Ultimately, after playing around with XP, I decided that I was trying to chase too many probs and did a reformat and clean install on both machines.
Nary a problem since.
I will probably go through withdrawls from not having 3 crashes a day.

I will spend the forseeable future trying to figure out all of the ins and outs of XP-- That ought to keep me out of trouble.

Love It, had a few teething problems with sharing printers and net connections but apart from that No probs !

Oh hang on, yes theres one, i cant get Colin Mcrae rally 2 to run :( :(
Solid as my c**k when I see Lonman possing in his XP underware (transparentcy activated)

Nah I think its good really:D
Yup have been using it since it came out no major complains.
Bullet proof, best thing out of Microsoft for a long time.
They seem to have listened to the users and come up trumps.

Long live XP

ta ta

TOK:D :cool:

I was using Win ME and had it rock stable for a year,but I was tired of it's GUI. My install went flawlessly, and I love every aspect Of XP. I think this will be a keeper on my system for a long time!:D

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