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So What Do You All Sound Like?


Secret Goat Fetish
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step 1: atach mic
step 2: goto start >> run , type in 'sndrec32.exe' and hit return
step 3: hit the red button to start recording
step 4: hit the black square to stop recording
step 5: file >> save as <your name> choose 11.250 Hz, 8 bits mono sound as the recording quality (click change in the save as box and scroll down a bit)
step 6: post!!

currently .wma is not alowed as an atachment, hopefully punk will change that




Spammer representing.
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Henyman said:
cheers :D

*uploads warez music* :dead:

And by this post we see the true intent of Henyman. :laugh:

I suppose we shouldn't use four letter words like "I'm Stupid" .....
Sazar said:

you sound just like static...
Yeah, it wasn't very clear.
I could only get the last few words, not because of the accent, but because I couldn't hear the words properly. Henry, try holding the mic a little farther away.


OSNN One Post Wonder
all i heard was ...hennyman...xbox live...it is

nah really, im thinking hes saying

well ohh well here it is, the voice of hennyman, see if you can find me on xbox live in cases like hunt; here it is

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