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So I've been out-manuevered...


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I put a password protection on the family computer in an effort to help my brother's failing grades, since he doesn't use the computer for any other use than WOW. One day, my dad said he needed to use the computer to do homework, so I typed in the password and let him have his time on the computer. In that time however, he made his own account, and somehow deleted my password-protected one :suprised: How did he do that?! And, how should I take proper precautions to prevent something like this from happening again?


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Kick him off the computer.
OR, the best way to do it is to make him his own account.
And make it limited, he will still be able to change his password though, even if he doesnt know it.
I would recommend blocking WoW.
Un-install it, then make it so he cant install programs (Limited accounts cant)

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On XP pro you can do this through group policy so this is for if this is XP Home edition.

Create an account for him or if he already has one then go to the next step.

Log in on an account that has admin privileges:

start > run > control userpasswords2

Highlight his account > properties > group membership tab > select restricted user for his account.


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