so fuc*ing tired of political ads....


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im so tired of the fuc*ing political ads on tv.. Personnlay i hate bush.. and plan on voting for john kerry. But puting this aside... im so tire of these ads (most targeting john kerrys war record) but could care less about who they are targeting.. politics in itself is dirty but this just gets disgusting this time of year.. sigh.
Makes me want to turn off the tv and read . i guess thats not a bad thing though.


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Those who aren't voting or are unsure, write in xsivforce on the ballot. I promise to allow spam, debauchery, drunkeness and nudity. Oh, and a big party at the White House for everyone from SP and OSNN. A BIG party.


Americans seem to vote for the razmataz rather than the manefesto of the candidates. Jessie jackson would had made a great president, but well I wonder why he never stood in office.


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If you look at the average IQ of a american politician or the bull**** they shovel you will understand why we vote for the razmataz. It's the only thing worth looking at.

PS The ads make me want to heave too.


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Well I agree, these tv ads are just stupid. And the bad part is that some of them arn't even being done by the candidates! That blows me away. In addition you really can't take anything any candiate says to heart, it is all a bunch of BS just to get elected, once elected all that goes right out the damn window anyway.

Personally I am voting for Bush, the thought of Kerry in office scares me worse than having Bush for another 4 years. Half the time Kerry doesn't seem to know if he is comming or going. He could be disasterous, or Kerry could be great, just too much about what he says that I don't like for my taste.

But I don't want to turn this thread into a political debate per se.


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Ah you come from Bush's home state so your going to see more ads. :p Also anyone in one of the "close states"* is going to see more ads as winning or loosing that state can make a big difference in the election for either canidate as they are running just about 50/50 in polls .. but then polls are never a good way to get a true result.

*example: I have yet to see any of these ads in NY other then on the news .. though I watch little TV

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Oh this is a great topic!! If ya want to start a war that is, Well I am not in the US so I don't have to choose between either, but I do follow what is happening in the world and with the choices given I would have to say it is a safer bet to keep Bush, as was said before Kerry is a spin top he spins one way hits a bump spins back the other, and that all the time on all the issuses there are tons of bills he signed but now says he is against ? Ok well as for the ads I think there are way to many but then again it is an important event. And as for what the ads say or what each person is saying thats not what I go by, here in an election year I go by what I have seen and what they have done, like I said in Kerry's case he is just blowing in the wind he has no strong opinion on anything and if he see's that the opinion he has is not the right one he changes it right away.

please feel free to have a strong opinion as long as you dont attack me peronally LOL


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Well as to the election, I'm definitely voting against Bush. I don't like Bush's policies, and even less do I like Karl Rove (his top political advisor) or various members of his administration.

But anyhow, the topic was pretty much about the political ads, which I could care less for. This year the whole campaign seems to be based more on adverts then actual debate, more focused on dirt (whatever happened to the clean campaign focused on the issues we heard about in 2000 LOL), then on the issues themselves.

Politics has always been dirty, and mud slinging has always been a part of it...but of late... Bleh, as to the political ads themselves I pretty much tune them out. When the candidates have something more substantial to say about the issues themselves, I'll listen :D


Blame me for the RAZR's
i just don't respect bush intelligence... it hink he is a horrible public speaker... i wish clinton was back sure he got head in the white house but hey he was a smart man..


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Public speaking skills aren't at the top of my list when it comes to important characteristics of a President...

As for the ads questioning Kerry's war record, what about Kerry questioning Bush's service earlier this year. Is it fair to question Bush's service, then ask him to denounce ads that question Kerry's service? That's a double-standard if you ask me.

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