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So Athlons put out much more heat than Pentiums?



Why do Athlons put out much more heat than Pentiums? Do you think AMD is making a cheap chip and "overclocking" it in the factory so it makes more heat than if it was built better and not "overclocked"?
Nah, you can't do that. The AMD chips just need more power to run, that's it. It's a different (and less power efficient) construction.


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zedric's right, cosmin... when it comes to power consumption, athlons are less efficient than pentiums. that doesn't say anything about actual speed. no reason to take offence.

and, pythro... that has nothing to do with it. :rolleyes:


A lot of things come into factor. The pentium having an integrated heat spreader is one. Another is that the athlon is less power efficient. The chips (or some of them) come from the state of art fab30 in dresden. Just look at the mobile scene and things switch around. The current mobile p4 notebooks have crappy battery life while the athlons dont.

Do a search on it and you will find the entire answer.


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Pythro , this discussion will decide you for the next upgrade .. cause I think this isn't a 100% serious discussion , just askin'


The artitectures are completely diferent the Athlon being more primitive than the pentium since intel has the $$ they have the latest and best technology. Athlon's also do more work per clock which i think should make them also run hotter and less overclockable.
also the Pentiums are clocklocked, this making it a bit harder to overclock them. Also Intel release chips that are operating nearer their bottom range, so a Intel chip with no clock lock would be absolutely wicked when overclocked, unfortunately Intel dont want you messing with their chips after you have bought it. AMD couldnt care what you do with it. Once you bought it you can do what you like.


Originally posted by Pythro
I mean...arn't Athlons made in Malaysha or whatever, and Pentiums made in the USA?
It's spelled Malaysia, and no, It doesn't matter where it is made.


Geffy said
AMD couldnt care what you do with it. Once you bought it you can do what you like.

what about the warranty ?

try to send it back when its overclocked and cooked under warranty and see what they say ( amd or intel )

GOOD LUCK if you can get them to replace it


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lol... there are so many threads on this sort of topic already out there...

the FACT is that intel has an integrated heat spreader which reduces the heat on its processor...

also the architecture is very different as is the way the 2 cpus work..

no one has YET mentioned the fact that AMD'd design allows it to do FAR more work than a pentium... to the tune at the moment of 9 instructions per clock cycle compared to 6 for pentiums... what does this do? well it does cause heat... and now for some basic math...

total number of instructions :

intel - 2.8 ghz x 6 instructions per clock cycle = 16.8 million instructions per second

amd - 2.13ghz x 9 instructions per clock cycle = 19.17 million instructions per second.

the 'inefficient' design of AMD processors allows it to do far more work at lower clock speeds, the price being it is hotter...

intel is a good solution as is AMD...

as you can see... there is a massive difference in actual performance...I am comparing the top 2 cpus from each manufacturer...


when saying things like THIS CPU IS PRIMITIVE or THAT CPU IS MORE EFFICIENT you can well start a little flame war...

btw... where is it is fabbed makes no difference what so ever... all manufacturer factories have to meet minimum requirements... your USA is better than the EAST is not a strong argument...

hopefully... you can take some time to research the true architectural differences instead of taking at face value what INTEL says... remember... intel is being taken to court for false advertising... :)

good cpu... no doubt... I have a p2 sitting on the floor of my room... but personally I Can't afford one... those who can and are happy... more power to you...
Intel is being taken to court for false Advertising? I didnt know that. Have you got an article I can read about that.
The things you miss when you dont watch or read the news.


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was posted on the front page..

a coupla weeks ago... someone should have the link... I will look for it later and post it...

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