so.. are there any sites with a community like the one on neowin?



i mean.. i like this place, but not very much going on here, plus it takes a while to load pages.
Guess you didn't read the Forum guidelines
Forum guidelines
Competitive XP Forums – Do not post links to other XP forums (unless they explain and provide an answer to the specific question) Any other links to a competitive forum will be deleted.
As for the slowdown, it's just a glitch due to the moving of the server and other (temporary) server issues.


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The slowness of the site will improve soon. As for another community such as Neowin, you've found it. We might not be as active as Neowin but our community is just as large and friendly.


I may actually be insane.
You are advised to read them, although i must agree, its probably a very small handful of people who actually do.
But it's mostly common sence, whats the point of coming onto a board just to flame ... there's no point.

There's plenty goin on at XP-Erience, plenty of helpful people, plenty of info to read, plently of help, advice and news. you just have to look for it, and have the right frame of mind.
Looking at the site as "its not neowin" will get you no-where, obviously the people here are NOT the same people from neowin, so try and get to know us, and the way which we work before simply saying we're all boring.

As for the site, the Site is hosted in the UK and the DB in the USA, actions are being taken to solve this problem, but obviously the current situation means there will be a few bugs .. which i'd rather have for the time being than just a notice saying "site down" or something.


i guess i should start reading those long rules/terms/guidelines from now on. cuz there could be some freaky sh*t up there. who knows.


especially that stuff at the end, which is writer/typed in really small letters so u need like a microscope to read.
" the site is dead regardless. "

That's not nice.

Allright, this site isn't very large, and it's not a huge internet community, but, for me, it's an online home, and here I know people, and people know me. It's an online community, and anyone can join and participate. Also, various different things go on, only appearently, you don't notice it, and that is your own flaw.

Of course, there isn't any HUGE sitewide project that is going on that I know of, but not many websites have that. Also, screw the errors, the servers were just moved, they are human/software mistakes, and even today there are a lot less of them, then there were before. And no longer is the site slow. and even if it was;

Think about it; just because someone is slow, and takes a while to do things; does that mean you are going to ditch them just for that. That wouldn't be very nice would it...nah not at all.

This is an Awsome online community, and this place feels like home to me online, no other forum or web page does.

So, I hate to fill you in on this but,
This site is oh so very very far from being dead.