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smtp server


Computer Genius
Ok, here's what I would like to do:

I have a program called MrPostman which acts as a pop3 server for my webmail accounts, however...i am unable to send mail with this setup.

I assume I need a local smtp server to send mail directly, I noticed that there is one available with IIS (which i have) but i don't know how to configure it. If anyone could help me along either the IIS route or with another program, I would be greatly appreciative.



Computer Genius
that's actually the first thing i tried! and guess what!

it didn't work ;-)


well, i decided to try that again just to make sure my computer wasn't playing tricks on me, and it does connect to the server, and appears to send the mail...but i sent a message to myself and i haven't yet received it. :confused:


Computer Genius
well, i guess there is a little delay...i have now received 2 of the four test messages i sent...i guess i'll get the others eventually.



got 'em all! :happy: :happy: :happy:


I may actually be insane.
Can't beat having your own SMTP :) and there is a delay, because the data leaves your computer, goes through your isp servers, then works out where its going from there.

Something I will advise that you do, is to only allow connections to the server from and possibly change the port (25 by default) that it operates on, this should help stop people abusing the server.


Computer Genius
Yeah, if i were setting up my own smtp, it would have to be on a port other than 25 anyway, my proxy smtp server is set up on 25 and it only accepts connections from the local network. i tried setting up iis smtp on port 26, and it connected to the server, but couldn't figure out (which i'm usually pretty good at) how to configure it to do what i wanted it to do.

any help on doing that would be appreciated :happy:

but for now, i'm content with my isp's smtp server :blink:


I may actually be insane.
If i remember right (this is from memory, i rarely do this, so bear with me :p)
Once installed IIS' settings are located in Control panel > administritive tools
pop that open, then stop the web server (unless you want that running) Right click on the SMTP server in the tree on the left, then click properties.
Now this is the part im not 100% about .. somewhere there are relat and authentication options, this is where you can enable relay (the ability to send mail from any address) and disallow connections from the outside.

If thats not much help, i'll install my server again later so i can give more detail .. :)


Computer Genius
yeah, i already knew all the stuff you said....except the part you aren't 100% sure of LOL...

but i'll look at it later and tell you how it comes out :blink:

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