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Smoothen out Doom3, The Sequel


Overclocked Like A Mother
Hi Guys,

Well, it has been about a week that I have been playing Doom3 @ High12x10. I do have to say that Sazar was right on the money. I actually don't really notice any difference in the way that the game looks. But, it is playing waaay better. If anyone remembers, I was trying to play it @Ultra 12x10, then trying to figure out how to get my machine top play it there. While I learned how to O/C my machine to new levels, Sazar actually brought some sense to the table and said that "High" settings are just as good. I am about halfway through the game right now and enjoying the fast-paced, smooth gameplay.

I guess I just wanted to say a big'ole thanks to Sazar again for the common-sense, more bang for the buck approach.

Next up on the list when I complete Doom3, Call of Duty - United Offensive. EBGames has my reserved copy arriving tomorrow.



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I still have a hard time with the fact you say you are playing @ 12x10 lol..

the game was most playable for me @ 10x7...


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Well, I just finished the game. It was a bit short, but fun. BTW, running Ultra settings at 10x7, on the system listed below, no problems what so ever. Found the id logo and I loved the creatures from the original game. I can't wait for the expansion now.

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