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SMC Barricade wireless connection problems?


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I have had this SMC barricade router for about 4 months now. The first one they sent to me didn't work at all, so I had to send it back. They sent me another one, it barely worked. I am lucky to get 15 feett of range on this thing! I wasn't under the impression these things had to be Direct Lien of Sight?! As far as my research told me, they had 150ft range indoors.
The computer with the wireless connection card is at most 20 feet away, and it only has a wall w/ a door thats always open to go through. I am puzzeled??
The Wireless NIC in that machine is very cheap midn you, I think I got it for 15 dollars.

Now, I am willing to buy a new router, but I just don't want that router to fail either!
This house was built in 1937. The outside of it is brick, I am not sure about the inside walls though?
If anyone has any input on this, or has an experience with a good but affordable router, I'd appreciate the input. Thanks.
I'm use a U.S. RoboticsĀ® Wireless Turbo Multi-Function Access Point (USR015450). This is located in my office in the extension off my house. There's a double lined brick wall between it and the rest of the house and I have excellent coverage. I've had it for over 12 months now and never had a problem with it.

If you're after an ADSL router, I highly recommend a Netgear DG834G. I've used these with several clients with out a problem. Saying that, there was one problem with a laptop that had an onboard wireless NIC. It kept losing the connection. I ended up disabling the onboard Wireless NIC and adding a U.S. RoboticsĀ® Wireless Turbo PC Card (USR805410). Not a complaint since.


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Thanks for the input. Highly itneresting the coverage you get under your circumstances (more obstacles than me, and I dont work at 15ft)
Although, the options you gave me, are both way too expensive. I am talking along the 40 dollar line. ;)
Anybody have any experience with these beauties?


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you cant expect to get incredible things with just 40 bucks...i have that same router you have though, and as far as ive tested it, it works incredibly well. i have it as a spare though, i use a linksys befw11s4 and its awesome. its a b router so the price shouldnt be that bad...also, if u want to extend the range of the router, take a look at this page. i built the aluminum foil things and i went from a 73% signal to a 93% :)


really cheap to make (im talkin pieces of cardboard and normal aluminum tin foil)


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Thanks :)
I am not looking for much, for 40 bucks :)
I am just looking for more than 15feet of range :)
I look at my router a lot, and ask it if it's kidding me???
I just want to break it at this point, like in Office Space! ;)

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