Smash My PS3

Hah, I remember when they did this to the Xbox360 too. Its kinda mean... but hey, its funny :)

I can't believe how much violence this stupid piece of hardware is causing. Robberies, shootings... random acts of destruction. *shakes head* :dead:
Still waiting for smashmywii :)
Must be nice to be able to waste money like that.
I just watched it again, it is really pathetic that that is all the damage he did with 10 blows from a freakin sledgehammer...
So was this the Sony drop PS3 off the table test? Maybe to see what kind of abuse the unit will take. But did you see the size of that thing? And how the dude kinda grunted to raise it over his head, before he dropped it? That thing must weigh a bit.

My question, what point are they trying to convey? 'Cause if it's don't go and spend so much money needlessly, they sure as hell didn't prove that one. And if it's to say don't give your money to the Corporate world. They didn't prove that one either. :s
They're just being jerks. They get donations for the one the smash and keep the overages. I wouldn't be surprised if they get enough to smash one, keep one and sell a 3d on ebay.

I think the smash my 360 as better actually. I can't wait for smash my wii. Although just saying smash my wii makes me giggle and then grimace in pain.
I was just tripping on the dude dressed like a 1970's pimp...

YOU SIR, have a serious wardrobe problem.
it would of been great if that sledge hammer broke when the guy was hitting it and fell on someoneshead lol..
Not really surprised by this as I remember the smashing of the 360 as well.
Thankfully though, Sony apparently lose money on hardware sales. We need more of them smashed, or drowned, or run over >_<

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