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Smartgart - unable to select 4x or 8x


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I just finished reinstalling XP sp2 and my ATI 9500 is acting strangely. I cannot set AGP speed faster than 0X. When I select 4X or 8X (like was set before the reinstall) and reboot, it comes back to 0X.

I have the most recent ATI driver, which I actually didn't have before, was using an older one.

Do I just need to revert to an older driver? I am not overclocking or doing anything that would make me think I have an unusual setup. Asus p4S800 512MB crucial RAM, 2.4 Intel P4, ATI 9500 128 mb, etc. (will share more if it makes a difference...)



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Nevermind. Got it.

In case anyone has a similar deal, I hadn't installed the AGP drivers that came with the motherboard along with the other chipset drivers. Duh.


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Heh. I had this problem with one of my computers, its a simple mistake that we all make :D Glad you got it all worked out :p

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