SmartFTP Setup Question

I’m using SmartFTP & the setup is acosss the top it asks for address login password port I’ve never used FTP before ,would someone please tell how to enter the following info I got of this site

Directory: /0/audio/harmonicasters2005-01-08.flac16
Username: anonymous
Password: you can leave this blank or use your email

i'm brand new to this so step by step will be appricated


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Re: Ftp?

long time since I used smartFTP - should be a doddle though, FTP is no rocket science and readily amenable - be not afeared.....

Enter the server as the FTP server addie and go for connect

navigate through the directories you discover to get where you want to go (the second line)

port 21 is the default for ftp i think - though Lord has gotten me all muddled by "stealthing" our server as he seems to do periodically for reasons best known to himself.... Really the less I say the better - it is pretty simple.

the fact username may be anonymous and no password are usually readily handled and may simply mean you can ommit them - unable to verify as I discover I have no smartFTP anywhere now - am entirely FileZilla'd and would recommend same to you.