Smart links



Are we running smart links?

I will explain what I mean. In the data base there are keywords, such as
'download, diagnostic, windows xp, email, search engine, hard drive, software, computer, acess, internet', just to name a few.

They are usually double underlined in green. They then on hover dispaly a visual link to another site where you can buy, they are sponsered links.

Hope you understand what I mean.
I spent 20 minutes editing and finding alternative words for a post I made as at the time I copied and pasted and did minor editing before posting it on front page, to my shock see loads of sponsered links.

Last thing this site need is to run free adverts for other websites.



If I know it's part of the make-up of posting to frontpage and it is correct, then no skin of my nose. I see it at 5 tech sites I visit per day.

Only recently here.


I may actually be insane.
I think that it's being tested at the moment. What would you rather have, another big flashing banner, or a few hi-lighted words?


SPeedY_B said:
What would you rather have, another big flashing banner, or a few hi-lighted words?
Would have been nice to know so as not to think I have made a mistake by gaining revenue for another site rather than this one.

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*whistles at my post* :)

Like I said in another thread, I am working thru Orbitz 800 at the moment and making it completely valid (code wise) will make the adjustments there and things.

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