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Small scratch on lcd monitor screen


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my fiance in her infinite ****ing stupidity managed to scratch the lcd screen on my monitor any way of repairing it without it getting replaced?
Now there's a happy marriage. Can't wait to see that on the Jerry Springer Show...

Guy: "8itch you scratched my LCD screen!"
Girl: "I ain't scratched nothin. But guess what?... I'm really a man."
Guy: "Yeah, well I can beat that! I don't remember what I am!"

I'm just kidding man. I just saw your post and was like. Man, now that's some love right there, makes me feel all warm and tingly inside. Makes me want to go get engaged. hah

Hope the LCD gets fixed though. Those are pretty nice. Wish I had one of them.
PS Keep away from that polishing paste. The cell phone LCD's are cheap uncoated plastic like a watch face. Monitor surfaces are optically "perfect" with "delicate" antiglare coatings like eye glasses. Polish that and its trashed.

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