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Small hobby/computer-type air compressor


The Idiot Circus Boy
Does anyone use a small air compressor for their computer and/or electronics?

Reason I ask is I am looking for said compressor instead of dumping $5 on canned air every few weeks. I work at a photo lab and we use a very small air compressor to dust out the machines, film negatives, etc.

Just wondering if anyone uses one or knows of a website I could get one at. Thanks!
at work we have the re-aire thing its basically cans of air and a compressor that will refill the cans. haven't the slightest clue where they got it cause i've been looking for one myself and have yet to see one.


kreepy20 said:
its really not a good idea to use compressed air because the air with have moisture in it and moisture + electronics = very bad day

Well since when did compressed air contain water?

The machines are cleaned inside to remove dust.

As to the poster I wish i could buy compressed air here, asked in computer sales, shops, diy shops, no diddly nah nah can i buy it newhere.

I saw this in a magasine about a year ago as a top notch way to remove dust, makes sense.


The Analog Kid
Go to a large hardware type store (Home Depot, Lowes etc) and you can buy just an air tank for around $15. I believe they are about 4-5 gallons and hold up to 100 psi. Then get a spray adapter ($5) and fill the tank at a local gas station. Should hold more than enough air for a few months.
Boy, you guys like to make things hard. Options:

1). Garden sprayer, never used $10-15. Pump it up and the pressure gets high enough to blow out dust. No moisture problem. The pressure is too low.

2). Get an electric pump for car tires $15 and use it to fill one of those air cans mentioned above (no trips to gas station). This may pose a moisture problem. Don't use a gas station pump to pressurize the can. The air may contain oil from the pump which will coat your board and make the dust stick.

3). And for the really cheap. Put your lips together and blow. Better when using a straw. Make sure your mouth is dry first or it could get messy.

Check the office supply stores for "Dusting Cans". They usually carry them and a lot cheaper than the computer stores.

BTW "Compressed Air", "Air Duster", etc are brand names they use a toxic chemical. Check the label. I take my comp outside to use the duster sprays. A Computer Maintenance guy was using the **** at work, in a well ventilated area to clean out a couple computers. He started hacking and coughing and it lasted for over an hour. I asked him what he was using that made him so sick and he said compressed air. He handed me the can which said "Air" something on the can. In the ingrediants it listed some flourocarbon **** as the only content.
Sitting in the chair at the hair salon another idea blew in my ear. Get one of those high volume small hair dryers for 10 bucks and cut the heater element wire.


Must be dreaming...
LeeJend said:
Sitting in the chair at the hair salon another idea blew in my ear. Get one of those high volume small hair dryers for 10 bucks and cut the heater element wire.
That is actually a great idea... and if ya could make the head output of the hair dryer smaller, more air will be forced out faster... I think... :D


Mentally Absent
I happen to work in a shop, we have to drain our compressor tank of the water that collects in it, we do so about once a week, we also have water filters in line right after the tank, and also before all of the air pumps that we use.

To try and explain, air has moisture in it, the pump sucks it in, and compresses it. the compression forces the water to go from vapor to liquid form, you have to drain the water of of the tank from time to time, cause that water can cause the tank to rust and there goes your investment.

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