Small Form Factor computers


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I'm looking for some info on small form factor computers, epically the types that resemble little cubes.
I'm looking to build a modest running system that will be powered hopefully by an AMD, and run some sort of Linux probably SuSE 9.1.

What are my options what are some good boards to look at that will run an AMD processor and a cube like case?

Also not extremely over priced. I’m a poor collage student


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I built a Soltec Qbic for my sister - budget was not OTT IMHO and I was very impressed - expecially with how quiet it ran. I would highly recommend it, although if I remmeber rightly it was a P4. I am not sure AMD is a wise choice (although I personall like them as processors) for a SFF because of the heat issues that may arise.

If you can afford to start with barebones then I highly commend the Qbics to you - google them up and see what you can afford and post back, eh?


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ive an amd cubic and heat is not an issue...but...i find it does not like to do too many things at once...seems to takes ages as compared to a standard mobo...why i dont know...part from that it runs sweeet