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Sluggish Graphics

Hey guys, I'm working on networking 5 comps for lan games and one of the systems has a problem. When I turn it on it works great but after playing gta 3 for about 30 minutes it gets slower and slower and slower... I just changed the ram from 256 to 512 so it would be somewhat better at fullscreen apps... It is also a p4 2.4 and i did not overclock it yet because the mobo doesn't support fsb changes. The only thing i could think about is heat- i only have a standard 60mm fan for the cpu and a case fan plus the ps fan and i noticed that it gets hotter and hotter in the back where the fans blow the air out. Is this possible? or is there worse things going on?
It's very possible. I think you have a lack of airflow through the system. One case fan in, and the PSU out is not good. It's a lot of dead air building up in your system. I would put a case fan on the back of the case right near the CPU pushing air out.
yes 'overheating' can cause long term damage.

could be that fan i clogged up , so it cant suck air out, do urself a favor and get a couple of 80mm fans, make sure they r sucking air into the case. if you dont have enough blowholes you can always make yer own.

also a nice position for a fan would be on the side panel jut in front of the CPU.

good luck
Elektro Slime said:
yes 'overheating' can cause long term damage.
I agree, Speedfan showed one of my drives overheating quite fast and showed it's quality was already down to 55% after less than 6 months!!! got me a hard disk fan after that :squareeye
Thanks guys, I will get 2 80mm fans for the back of the case, a 120mm for the front, a dual hd fan and ram heatsinks.. if it is still slow after this then there is something else wrong... the only problem is that i can not find 120mm light up fans :( any suggestions?

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