slower thoroughbred or faster palomino?



Got more questions for you guys :)

Ok, been shopping around for a new AthlonXP for the system I'm putting together.

I've found an AthlonXP 1800 Thoroughbred for ~$65
I've also found an AthlonXP 2000 Palomino for ~$68

I'm wondering which chip is the better one to get.
I'm not going to be overclocking, just want the best bang for my buck.

I know the Thoroughbred chips need less power, but that's not a concern to me.

Just wondering which will give me the best performance for the cost. Is there any real difference between the Palomino and Thoroughbred chips that will affect performance?



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the pals put off less heat (cause they use less power??) and are really made to be used in servers and since its a 2000+ is gonna be faster then the 1800+ thats a givin.
If you aren't planning on overclocking, go for the faster chip (the Pal) The difference is the Tbred uses a smaller process, so in-turn, uses less VCore, so in-turn, create less heat, but for the avg. user, there is no difference.

Overclockers like the Tbreds because alot of motherboard unlock the multiplyers on them, they also run cooler, so they have more headroom for overclocking.

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