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slow wireless lan


I am trying to transfer my xmas video to my main box and i am having some problems. My computer is wired to the router and the laptop is wireless. I am trying to figure out why i am only sending at 90k max. I tried to connect in and both were maxxed out at it. the router is a 54g and the laptop card is an 11b ( would behappy with only 1000ks) i have a belkin router and trying to think of what could cause this. i thought ftp would be better and that still didn't help.

Thanks in advance,
The only thing that comes to mind is signal interference. You should be getting close to 900k. Put the laptop right next to the router, make sure there are no portable phones, motors, etc running. Try changing frequencies on the router too.

One other thought. If the Router keeps trying to run at G speeds you could be wasting throughput re-negotiating. Try forcing the router to run at B speed.

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do this then:

use the crossover, but on the router use the uplink port. It will convert the crossover to a straigt through. Ive done this before and it works.
I think I have run into somthing like this before. Some times, whenpeople set up wireless connections, they decide to put a virtual bridgein there. Probely because that is the only way they can make it workbecause they dont have all the right protocols installled. So if youcant get it to work still, check your network connection informationand see if you have a bridge in there. If you do delete the connection,then make a new connection and make sure all protocols your using onyour desktop are installed on your laptop.

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