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Slow wifi

I have set up and internet connecton thru a linksys router, the wifi laptops internet speed is great but the network i have setup is really slow. it took 2 hours to transfer 3.5 Gb across the network. I am using WEP, but surely it should be faster than this. Any advice would be appreciated.


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3.5GB over 2 hours is about 4 Mbits/sec. If the signal is quite weak you can expect transfer rates at about this speed. Also is the router a 802.11a (54 Mbits/sec) or 802.11b(11Mbits/sec)?


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ok i just looked at some pics of the router on google, and they all turned up to show that it has no antenna? is that true on yours? if you could attach an antenna of some sort to make the signal stronger, i think that would make things much faster


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around 10 seconds if you reach the full 11mbps but i dont think you will. it was actually 7 secs when i calcluated it but give some secs, you never reach threshold speeds for some reason. yet they always advertise them


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Companies (as well as standards bodies like the IEEE) almost always list the "theoretical" caps on the devices and protocols used, not the average throughput you will see using them. This is similar to Hard Drive companies listing raw drive capacity, not standard formatted sizes.

They often do not adjust for the overhead of using the protocols or medium in which the data travels.

I don't think 4mbps is slow at all for a 11mbps wireless connection.
Your transfer speed is

file size......... hours to secs bytes/second bits per sec ...... ether 72%
3,500,000,000 / 7,200.00 = 486,111.11 /8 = 3,888,889 /.72= 5,401,235

which is good for 802 B using WEP security protocal.

Sounds like one of the wireless ports has been set to "B" standard. Go into the router and laptop settings and check if they are both operating on "G" Standard which is 5 times faster.

Transfer rate with 802 G will be what you got 5 Mbits/sec divided by 8 or about 0.6 MBytes per second.

Figure 16 seconds for a 10 MB file.
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The wireless adapter card that is used as a network bridge for that router is a B. You're as fast as your going to get without buying a new, seperate wireless bridge that supports G standard.

The router data sheet says it supports 100MB ethernet in the switch so you should be able to plug a bridge or another router that can be configured as a bridge into one of your Ethernet ports and get 5 times faster speeds.

You check the speed the wireless is set to by going into the configuration page. How depends on if you are using the windows wireless setup or proprietary software for your wireless hardware.

802.11a is 54mbps
802.11n will be 108 mbps if it ever gets approved.

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