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Slow startup and shutdown


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Well, I'm using my new laptop as I'm typing here. It's a Philips X55 core2 duo T5500 system. But I'm getting abit frustrated that even with dual-core cpu and more memory, this system seems to be fairly slow at fully loading windows and its startup apps, such as NOD32 (especially in Vista) and wireless connection.
I've also noticed that putting it into hibernate mode takes time, and waking up from hibernate is actually slower than my Sony Vaio PIII 1.0GHz 256mb ram laptop, which is getting to a point where my blood is beginning to boil.

What could be the problem? And how might I be able to improve performance on this system?


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Hi Ming
what version of windows? how much RAM? Have you done a fresh load of windows or running a pre-installed version?


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how is the performance once it fully loads? Is it just the startup/shutdown cycles?

How was the performance after a format of the whole drive and a reload?

My first guess would be HD performance issues..
Is it slow in both XP and Vista?
What were the scores Vista gave your hardware? Indvidually please.
My sisters laptop hard drive got a 4.8 and memory got 3.9 with Vista preinstalled so if it's lower it may be the cause, as this laptop isn't the quickest of starters and was bought 3 days after the release of Vista
Processor looks fine, this one is a T2060

As a general note for Vista problems should we not ask for individual Index scores as it may be better to see what Vista itself thinks of the hardware than what the specifications say. That is when the questions are about reduced performance?


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Running XP at the mo so cant give you Vista scores, although I can vaguely remember all are 3.9 or higher with the exception of gaming graphics being only 2.1.
But yeah, happens in both XP and Vista.

Anyway, decided to try out an old tweak... Bootvis. There's a slight noticeable improvement in startup and wakeup from hibernate.
The XP boot screen status bar scroll 9 times now, before, it would scroll around 11-12 times before desktop loads up.


Woah.. I'm still here?
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I would still suggest a format/reload with a fresh install of XP instead of the pre-installed version
Memory size and HD speed will determine load/shut down speed more than CPU horsepower. So don't expect a faster CPU to load or shut down faster. They all use 5400 RPM HD's for power conservation. More memory should be an improvement. Make sure the memory is running in dual channel mode.

See where bootvis chokes. You may have a driver loading that is a pig. The ATI multimedia stuff is a pain on my PC and the new laptop's wireless NIC may be slower to negotiate a connection on the new machine. Try it with various options turned off.

The preinstall may have multiple "goodies" loading that your old machine did not. Purge it as suggested above.

VISTA is a wallowing, resource consuming pig that needs 2 gig to run well. Expect it to be much slower.
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