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After booting up XP Pro I usually connect to a dial-up connection......lately however, when I double click the shortcut (which i have on my quicklaunch taskbar) the taskbar freezes, I cant access the start menu nor the network connections in control panel....It is like this for around one minute untill it finally starts dialing. I have bootvis and I have disabled webclient in msconfig because prior to these changes my boot time was 2+ minutes but now it has returned to a healthy 30-45 secs (this dial-up "lag" was taking place before i made these it hasnt been caused by those).

Any thoughts?
You might try deleting the dial-up connection and creating it new again. Sometimes with the Patches and what-not (taking for granted you've installed all of XP's fixes from M'soft) it will muck with stuff and reinstallation can straighten things out.

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