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slow office xp, slow boot



For some reason, my office programs hang like a beast when i try to open them the first time after booting up. Also, in case nobody saw my first post, my boot times are extremely slow. I run bootvis and, get this, when bootvis shuts my OS down once i select optimize system, THAT startup is superfast (<30 secs). Once bootvis has done its not-so-magical magic, things are back to the snails pace again. And my office xp apps hang.

Note that during startup and first load of office programs, there is no sound coming from my hd at all. This sucks.

Please help :)


I dont think so. I've never used that speech thing, and I never get that .exe box he refers to. Just your rank and file hang.


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you have any other apps running anything that you added recently after which this is happening or has this being going on for a while...

try doing a sys restore to a point before when this was not happening and installing things one at a time...

or do what I do when this sort of thing happens... format and reinstall... :) is the best thing to do matey...

but sure... chuck in some more info such as how long this has happened, if any other progs cause this... if the bootup is slow AFTER you run office... blah blah.. and I am sure one of resident gods can help you out... I will try if I am still around :)


Thanks for the reply. This problem began suddenly about 3-4 weeks after I did a clean install to repair the same problem that happened after i did my first upgrade to xp pro. No new programs, no funny stuff. Last night i checked out my event viewer and noticed, among a few other (i guess) unrelated errors/warnings, something that caught my eye. I had a number of errors that first showed up around the time this problem began. is is what the properties of those errors read:

\Device\ACPIEC: The embedded controller (EC) hardware didn't respond within the timeout period. This may indicate an error in the EC hardware or firmware, or possibly a poorly designed BIOS which accesses the EC in an unsafe manner. The EC driver will retry the failed transaction if possible.

and they were either followed or preceeded by a warning reading:

\Device\ACPIEC: The embedded controller (EC) hardware returned data when none was requested. This may indicate that the BIOS is incorectly trying to access the EC without syncronizing with the OS. The data is being ignored.

Hmmmmmmmm. Maybe nothing, maybe something. I defragged and bootvised again last night and seems definitely sped up, but i have no hopes that the improvements will last.

Any thoughts?


by the way: a friend told me to disble system restore since he though it would be hogging space on my drive. i've since reinstated it. bad advice. anyway, damage is done: no restore points before the errors began.

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