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Slow Office 2010 Performance


OSNN One Post Wonder
Hey all,
It's been ages since I logged on last... so long in fact that I've had to take on a new username because I have no idea what password i was using back in 2004 under my old username!!

I've installed office 2010 x64 on my windows 7 machine, and I'm experiencing very slow start up times for word and excel. It's the same issue even though below i'm just talking about word.

I either open the program directly from the *.exe or I open an existing word document, the splash screen zooms through to the document - and then the program hangs for 10 seconds before I can do anything with it. I've been through the online MS help lists, removing addins from the registry...etc, turning things off, reinstalling office... the performance is replicated when my virus scanner is turned off (Kaspersky).

If word is already running, then opening files is really fast. super fast. I've got a quad core intel, 6gb of ram... and opening photoshop for example seems faster than opening word.

Google should be my friend on this issue, but it doesn't seem like anyone else is having this problem - so would very much welcome some ideas!


The Analog Kid
This can happen to me in Office 2007. What I've found is that it's tied to explorer.exe hanging. If it doesn't open right away, I just click on My Computer and it loads right up.

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