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slow lan transfers vista to XP

Dark Atheist

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but not from xp to vista - i was transfering files from the main pc (vista) to my laptop (xp sp2) at about 2meg a sec which is poor to say the least, yet when i was getting stuff from the laptop it was hitting 10meg solid, 8.4meg being the lowest.

Anyone else had this or is getting this, is there a tweak or setting i need to change or something, and no installing SP1 RC for vista is neither an option or a tweak :p
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Well I was under the impression that this is fixed in SP1 or you could download (by request) a patch to fix this problem

Dark Atheist

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Windows6.0-KB931770-x86 - although most say it doesnt make a difference and i cant install rc sp1 on this pc as i need it to be up and working and i dont have a spare pc to test it on


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I might do test later today and let you know with both the patch and the SP1 update

Working from home and being Xmas week, not a lot on so why not!

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