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Slow image viewing on desktop


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I have a strange problem which I haven't been able to fix.

Basically, any image I open on the desktop with the "Windows Picture and Fax Viewer" takes 4 seconds to load no matter how big or small. I hear the hard drive grinding.

If I open the same images not located at "C:\Documents and Settings\User\Desktop\" then they load up instantly.

My PC isn't slow either, a Intel C2D E4300 @ 3GHz with 2GB PC2-5400 RAM.

Any reason why images are taking longer to load on desktop and any way to fix this?



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i have a simular issue, and diskeeper keeps me defragged, and tbh nothing else was hogging the CPU, anyway posted here so i get informed of any replys.


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In your taskmanager, check and see if you have a specific svchost instance that is consuming a ridiculous amount of memory. Process of elimination works well.


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I am having the same problem and have been frustrated by it for the longest time. I also have a rather new computer I build only a few months ago - any images I have on the desktop take at least 5 seconds to display in Windows Picture and Fax Viewer. Any image in any other location opens instantly, only images opened from my desktop take long. System idle process is taking 99% of resources while waiting, so it isn't some phantom program.

It's rather annoying, wondering if anyone knew why this was happening?


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I had an issue with thumbnails taking a very long time, sometimes refusing to open, the HDD was also always active. When i tried to close the task, it would hang. As mentioned by others here, my issue had been fragmentation. Quite natural in my case since i add n edit so many photos everyday. But i never thought it could actually cause performance issues. Most people say its of no consequence to the system, misled by it, It was extremely frustrating, but thankfully not too late to troubleshoot.


F@H - Is it in you?
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Don't look @ system idle usage.

See if there are any items like svchost (or an instance of svchost) that is consuming a lot of memory. If it is, kill the process (if you know what you're doing) and you should be fine. I have noticed it on some systems, consuming a fair bit of memory and slowing things down but working fine after the process was killed. No additional cpu usage, simply memory usage.

Again, this is just one thing it may be.

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