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Slow File Transfers Over Gig Switch


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I am running windows server 2003 standerd (athlon 1800 10/100/1000 nic) and a windows xp pro box (p4 3.0c 10/100/1000 nic) i also have a 10/100/1000 network switch. my file transfers to the 2003 server are very slow. it takes about 2 or more hours to transfer 2.02GB. to me this doesn't seem right at all. both computer register that they have a 1Gb connection to the switch. i dont' know if this matters at all but the 2003 server is also a domain controler. thank for any help offered


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That is slow, I transfer two gigabytes in just under 1 minute. Are there any bottle necks in either side? Did you stick it in a PCI bus that has slow transfer speeds?

Those are the only issues I can imagine.


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not that i know of all of my buses should be the same. my xp machines nic is built in, and i have dun much faster transfers with it before (a gig in a little less then a min.)


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razr what is the brand of your switch, the other thing you need to check, are all your cables cat5e, not just cat5, as only cat5e support 1gb speeds.

also make sure all your nics truly are 10/100/1000, and that you are not forcing any of them to run under 1000mbs.


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also might want to check how your cards are setup (ie: auto/auto, hard coded for 1000/Full)

Check for packet trans errors on the cards and/or switch (if your switch supports it)


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Re: Slow File Transfers Over Gig Switch [FIXED]

turns out it was my cables the cable to my xp machine is cat5e but i switched it to my cat6 i found and now it's 12 min for two gig. but thats with two file transfers going at the same time. i can live with that. thanks for the help

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