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My OS clock falls back about 15 min an hour, what do you think causes it?
wild guess: check the battery on your motherboard...
no the "real" clock is fine, its the one in windows thats messed up, does anybody know of anything that causes this, I mean a virus or a bug
weird indeed...

r u using xp? there is afeature there that syncs your clock with the internet time... try to enable/disable it.

I don't know any viruses that slow down your windows clock. I coudnt find anythin in MS knowledge base either...
slowed clock

i had a similar problem once with win98, i dont think its an XP problem. the battery on the motherboard can do some sporadic stuff and really mess with everything. verify the voltage if its a second-hand box. batteries are cheap (5$) and might be worth a try anyway.
I had similiar problems when my pc case temperature was too low.

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