Slow Cd-RW Read Speed


Kaila Yu

If you have read my other posts I am having a lot of trouble with my cd-rw. I have an HP 9100b (8x4x32) which means it should read at 32x. When I'm copying a cd, it takes 10 mins, and its reading cds at 8x. I don't know why, its never happened to me before. I checked all of my program's settings and it should be reading at 32x+ I don't know whats going on. My other problem with my cd-rw is that when I burn stuff the cpu dies down greatly, and I used to be able to listen to MP3s but now I can't do anything at all. I have a 1ghz p3 with a 2 week old installation of windows xp. My burner used to be in PIO mode but I fixed it, and now its in DMA mode. That shouldn't be a problem, but I've never gotten it fixed. Any help would be appreciated.


The Analog Kid
1) are you using EZ CD Creator?
2) Digital Audio Extraction speeds will be slower than normal data read speed. If you are using CD Creator, you should be able to run tests on each drive. Or try out Nero Drive speed. See what it shows you for speed.
3) also hate to even speculate, but you're drive could be going...

Kaila Yu

My drive is perfectly fine. When I copy things from cd to desktop it definitely feels 32x As with my programs, nero speed says that it reads at 10x, and my computer lags like crazy during the test. I'm guessing that theres a setting in windowsxp that i haven't tweaked correctly.


The Analog Kid
The 10x is your DAE speed. That sounds about right. And as far as CPU usage, I have the same thing, I could do other things when I was using WinME. Now, if I do, I will make a coaster. Unless I use Nero :)

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