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Slipstream XP?



I've read about people who have slipstreamed their copy of Windows XP. What does this mean exactly, and how do you do it?


You take your copy of OfficeXP, copy it to HDD. Update it with the SP, and burn it back to CD. Now when you do a clean install of OfficeXP, it will be at SP2 (in this case) right after installation.

The other posts tell you how to do it. :)

Kind regards,
Willem Moolenaar


I am talking about Windows, not Office. I saw your post in another thread about Office. Thanks for the help there.



Whoops. Sorry. Reminder to myself... Read, Willem. READ! ;)

Willem Moolenaar

Shamus MacNoob

Political User
What he said about office is right for XP also its same process basicly it means that now when I want to reinstall my XP it will be XPSP1 1106 , I used that same site listed above as a guideline works fine ;)
just apply the sp........
do you load hundreds of computers that you just don't have the time for? the time it takes to slipstream it you could apply it to your 1- 2 computers
its only the 1 disk and will be only one after OS install......... the Sp's are cumulative meaning when 2 comes out it will have all 1 updates........

why must things be made more complicated than they really are.......?

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
I had trouble renaming the service pack to this 'XP-SP1.EXE'. Whe I ran the run command it would come back & say it could not find the file.
In the end I renamed it back to what it was & then it worked OK. That was it, that was the only bit of trouble I had. Others also had the same problem.

Shamus MacNoob

Political User
yeah but

Yeah and if you need to format and do a reinstall it sure is nice to have a slipstreamed sp1 or when sp2 comes out a slipstreamed copy of that you gonna tell me its faster to install winxp and then have to install sp1 over that ? nope

Shamus MacNoob

Political User

I see ok well what I did was just extract the files from the sp1 and my XP pro cd to folders root and sp1 using isobuster and then ran the comand prompt to intergrate them both of course the comand line changed because I used different folder names but other than that it worked great, isobuster is a great little program so is winiso btw

sure it loads faster when you have it all made and ready,
but the time it takes to make the slipstreamed copy, then make it boot able is more than just applying the sp if your going to relaod it a few hundred times then yea it will save time, if you only have one computer and dont reload os all the time, its a waste of time other than to say you did it

im an mcse and know how to do it all since nt4 started im looking at it from a time efficentcy viewpoint, if it doesnt save me time in the future why waste my time now.........

Adam S

theres an office xp slipstreamer program out there, that will actually slipstream your product key in somehow, so when u instal it, it doesn't ask for your key.

nice feature, not sure if its needed, but nice nonetheless

Shamus MacNoob

Political User
its not a program

you have to create a text file called winnt.sif. In it place the following

------------- begin cut here --------------



---------- end cut here ------------------

place this file into you windows xp "i386" directory and bingo thats it

mmm this is from another post I borrowed was lazy did not want to type all this but its called an unattended setup can be done with office , win98, win95, win200o whatever you get the drift

ohhhhhhhhhhh looky looky 400 posts wooooooootwoooooooooot


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