slipstream XP with Win98 verify & SP1


format c:
3 Dec 2002
is it possible to do this? So i dont have to keep putting the Win98 cd in to install my XP Home Update, and have SP1 on it?
win98 cd to update xp home ?? is this possible?? ...

I take it you did an upgrade from win 98 to xp home??

If this it the case copy the win98 directory from the win98 cd to your hard drive. Make it like c:\win98... after that go to your registry. Start>Run>type regedit search for anything like 'install path' or 'source path' or just look for <cd rom drive letter like d:\> d:\win98... hope it helps.
its not a slipstream but it could solve a current install issue
er. let me rephrase... when i use my XP Home cd to install XP Home (duh), its not the full version, its the Update. It requires me to have a previously purcahsed Windows Operating System CD to install. Previously Purchased, not Previously Installed. I just want the slipstream to verify the Windows 98 cd, and then proceed with the XP install.

another way i might put it is.. what does the "Previous OS Purchase verification process" for XP Home Update Install look for on the Win 98 CD so i can copy it onto the Xp Home slipstream cd?
In most cases you will only need to insert the cd of a previous version if you install XP on a new hard drive. When you start setup it first checks on the disk if there already is a qualifying version installed and will accept this as proof. You can then go on deleting and creating partitions and installing XP.

Probably not many people outside of MS know what exactly is checked. Must be several things. Installing Win98 from an upgrade cd I had to insert the first three, if I remember right, of the Win 3.1 floppies.

You also would have to get setup to look on the cd for a proof. May be possible somehow but definitely much more effort than putting a cd in a drive now and then.
i'll just wait for Longhorn update to worry about what it checks for.. by then it'll hopefully be spread around on some sites and picked up by people here. :)

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