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slipstream or whatever u called it on sp1


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hi there,

i know that sp2 has been out for ages now but i still dont want to use it. Instead my question is, i fix lots of computers and every format that i do, i have to download the critical updates. it kinda gets annoying sometimes. so my question is, is there any webpages that teaches to do it on an sp1 NOT sp2 setup?

i found one its something like http://unattended.msfn.org/xp/installhotfixes_old.htm

what i got so far is a:

windows XP Professional SP1 cd... is there like anyway that i save the critical updates from the net? im sure its like stored somewhere in the computer so that i can try to slipstream it to my exisiting sp1 cd..


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why dont u wanna use sp2 its much more secure, and actually improves performance on many pc's i have installed sp2 on over 50 computers and no problems at all on any of them


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You can do the followings:

1) Download SP1a from this location: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/downloads/updates/sp1/default.mspx

2) Create two folders.One will be called XP, the other SP1a.

3) Copy all the files from your original XP cd to the folder named XP

4) Rename the downloaded file to SP1a and extract it using this command SP1a -x A window will appear asking you were to extract the files.You will answer the folder SP1a

5) We open a DOS box (Start -> Run -> cmd) and we go to the folder where the SP1a was extracted. Lets say it is at c:\xpsp1a\sp1a .Go now to the folder \i386\update. There we write update /s c:\xpsp1a\xp (the command is case sensitive). The update proccess will start.

6) If you want to make the cd bootable you will need the file attached at the end

7) Open Nero (or any other recorder) and go to boot cd. In the window we choose the following:
Expert settings
No emulation
Loaded sectors:4
ISO Level:2
As boot image will be set to take it from the attached file and not from the diskette.
Burn the cd and you will be ready.Of course this will contain only the SP1a updates.You can do the same and for the SP2 update when you will want to have it slipstreamed in a cd with XP



I'm sorry Hal...
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I think he has an SP1 slipstream and wants a way to install all the patches for SP1 at once as well, but does not want SP2


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Khayman said:
I think he has an SP1 slipstream and wants a way to install all the patches for SP1 at once as well, but does not want SP2
In that case autopatcher is a good solution if you have a dsl connection at least and time to download some 400-500MB.There are written guides how to make a unattended installation including inside whatever he wants, but he will have to worj on them.... :rolleyes:

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