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sleep or hibernate


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Mine sleeps. The Hibernate in XP had an issue that there was a patch/update for but some still have issues. The issue was that the machine would lock up when trying to come out of Hibernation. Anyone please correct me if I am wrong, but I do remember this issue.

And what sucks also is if you use an APC battery backup and it's Powerchute software it wants you to have the Hibernate turned on. :s O.K. too much info (too much caffeine :p)


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Both have their advantages and disadvantages.
I personally prefer Hibernate, but like others have already mentioned, you sometimes have problems when powering up again.... i'd say maybe 1 in 100 times depending on how the system is set up.
I don't particularly like Sleep, purely because if you or anyone else accidentally hit a mouse button or even move it, the pc will power up.

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I don't particularly like Sleep, purely because if you or anyone else accidentally hit a mouse button or even move it, the pc will power up.
Easy to fix by going into device manager > mice and other pointing devices > right-click on mouse and select properties > power management tab > uncheck box in front of allow this device to bring the computer out of standby.
I hibernate and it works great for me--fast bootup and shutdown and everything comes back as you left it. I have it set so that pushing power is an automatic hibernation.
My PC is full on all the time. I need access to it while at work, and as I alternate between day and night shift there is no point that I can turn it off or send it to sleep/hibernate.


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standby (S3) all the way. it's so quick. as i sit down, i hit the spacebar and it's ready to go by the time i scoot the chair in.

i have all my pc's set up so the power button on the front puts them into standby. actually, one of the towers isn't easily accessible so i have a shortcut for standby on the desktop. i only actually shut down if i'll be gone for a few days.

and if something wants it to restart (windows updates, new driver), i wait until i'm done using it then shut down. so next time i turn it on, the restart is accomplished.

Now Standby and Sleep are one in the same yes/no?
i believe so.


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on my desktop I just have it set up to turn the monitor off (screen saver is blank screen)

on my laptop I sleep.


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I turn my stuff off when they won't be used for awhile ( we aren't home during the day and don't use them overnight). Outside of that, just screen savers.


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All of my systems I have going into sleep mode. It saves power, and I don't have to go through the startup process when i need to use the systems.

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Hibernate is a waste of memory for me :)

Vista sleep is also very fast :D
sazar, what do you mean a waste of memory, hybernate only uses resources when it's in use(outside of saved hardrive space)

gonaads, hybernate was a problem when xp first came out, I believe the issues were resolved, if you need to hybernate go ahead, if an issue arises then try sleep

hybernate is really for people that aren't on power or want to use no electricity

if you have a laptop you probably shouldn't hybernate if you are traveling because the fan can still be used by the computer
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