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Slave drive


Arte et Marte
Upgrading daughters AMD & putting in a Western 40GB HDD as master. The original i want to use as a slave and is a Maxtor - but no info on jumper settings to turn it into slave.

As far as I can make out:

Ser No E205550C
Type N256
Year of Manf 21/09/99

Any advise on SLAVE jumper settings would be gratefully appreciated;

One other thing, when i tried to partition/format Western HDD with maker's floppy prior to installing - it wont boot up original HDD, when I put in Bootable floppy it says 3rd party software may be too blame & I may have to re partition original HDD - must I and will it wipe all existing files?

many thanks - tibboh :(


Arte et Marte
thanks for that rettahc - the settings make sense at last. In view of my other little problem, it would appear if i go into BIOS i can get the little darlin' to recognise my HDD's - will try at a sensible time of day

Regards at 02:00 in the morning

tibboh :)


Arte et Marte
Still no slave

Futher to my previous problem - system does not recognise HD (original or New) when I switch on and asks for bootable disk - unable to run FDISK - unable to access BIOS at startup - all happened since i tried to partition new Western HD with suppied software...

Any answers?



After you verify the pin settings, check and make sure you don't have the IDE cable on backwards.

Thanks! :)


Arte et Marte

Thanks for that, Jmtyra

already checked jumpers/cables etc many times over - went off for an hour to get parts for wifes car, and hey presto - managed to get into BIOS (had tried all day). Enabled HD's then re booted and job was a good un. Partitioned, formatted & copied all files over from original drive. You may think it might have gotten too hot, hence it working after a couple of hours static, but the b.... wouldnt even boot/allow me to open BIOS when initialy cold. Beats me - and they think women work in mysterious ways? (sorry ladies - had to get that one in <ouch, sorry Mrs tibboh>)


tibboh ;)


Sometimes the jumper settings are written on the wafer on the bottom of the drive near the pins . Somebody else already mentioned going to manufacturers site , generally if you dig deep enough you can find the settings there ....you can also type the make and model in the google search engine and add the word jumper settings to your query and chances are something will pop up .

Grym ( and trying to get a grip on those lil' jumpers) blayd

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