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Slashdot CSS re-design winner announced.


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I LOVE the new design. The old one wasn't bad, but I think the biggest improvement on this one is readability. Much easier on the eyes :)
madmatt said:
Not bad. I think Neowin's new design is nicer though.
Without a doubt. The new Slashdot design is a big improvement over the old one, but they're still using that ugly shade of green.
Neowin's color scheme is excellent, and the whole front-page just looks much more refined.


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I have been watching that contest, since I only read Slashdot stuff from RSS text, I hate the design right now.

I can accually go to there site now !!! YEAH YEAHHH

lol, we should use that ajax forum stuff now


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i was referring to that one post awhile back, the forum was 100% ajax, or something, and you could sign up for it...I forget what it was called


I may actually be insane.
AJAX is an overrated fad. It shouldn't be used everywhere just because it can be, it often breaks many accessibility and usability functionality and doesn't always work as intended in all user agents.

As for neowin, yes, of course it looks better, it was a complete overhaul and redesign, all Slashdot are doing is brining their site up to date and making it CSS-erised.

(p.s. I like the green :p)


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slashdot looks sweet now.
The old design was hurting for some good hands.

What does the guy get for winning the contest? Publicity for his web design firm?

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