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Size of some Linux's


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Windows XP, one disc, Ubuntu is one disc, plus u can have alot of live cds with linux on it. Today I went and checked out SUSE 10 and there are 5 cds. I was uh alright, and I noticed Fedora Core 5 is around that too.

Why do these ones have so many cds?


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Supplied software.

After all, the Linux kernel itself isn't really that big. If "Company #1" supplies only the basics (no GUI, lynx browser, mutt mail, etc) their package will span only one CD.

If "Company #2" wishes to supply Gnome, KDE, and a plethora of other environments, along with packages and software for each, their distro will likely span a few discs.


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so linux can be smaller or much larger then windows, really weird lol

so SUSE 10 will have many more options (or bullcrap) lol


I may actually be insane.
Admiral Michael said:
It wont ask for all the disks, just depends on what you choose to install.

A prime example is the fact that Linux runs on a Nintendo DS... it's about 4mb for the entire distro. Also there's DamnSmallLinux, 50mb, if you want a "proper" linux.

Then there are those which span upwards of 7 CD's, or 2 DVD's!


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I have been using Ubuntu, but been checking out SUSE 10.1, which looks pretty good.

Thanks for the info, didn't know the differences


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Like you, I myself love using Ubuntu :) My fav so far. but I have been trying out
"Mandriva One" Its a live CD as well as an Full OS install. It does use KDE which I don't care for verses Gnome. But an in all it seems pretty flawless and a very smooth running OS

Give it a try


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OK, as long as your looking at SuSE 10, I went with the Gnome interface and am running it as a dual boot. There is also a KDE interface, but the Gnome, just looks better.

The more I play with it the more I like it, and I find that I only boot into windows to run games, unfortunately, I like playing games.:(

hold on and I'll post some screenies.

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