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Six feet cockroach


Joke Spammer
One day a man was sitting in his living room
watching tv when all of a sudden the doorbell
rang.The man then went to the door to see who
was there.When he opened the door he found a
six foot cockroch standing in front of him.
The cockroch then proceeded to punch him in
the face and leave.

The next day the man was
sitting in his living room watching tv when
then the doorbell rang.The man answered the
door and then again found himself staring at
the same cockroch that had hit him the day
before.Then the cockroch kicked him in the
shin and poked his eye out and then proceeded
to leave.

The next day the man was AGAIN
sitting in his living room watching tv when
the doorbell rang.And yet AGAIN the same
cockroch was standing there.Then the
cockroch stabbed him several times and then
yet again proceeded to leave.This time the
man managed to drag himself to his phone and
call the police.He was taken to the nearest
hospital and was kept there over night.The next
day the doctor came in to talk to the man
about what happened the night before.
"Tell me son",the doctor asked,"what happened
last night?"
"I was attacked by a six foot cockroch!",the
man replied.
"Yeah,I heard there was a "nasty bug" going

- Lisa

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