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Site Down Page?

Hey everyone.

Once again... this may not be possible, I tried looking in several places already.

I have started to accumulate servers in my home as a small datacenter for my local intranet. Right now it is also setup to be accessed online, however if I am doing a reboot of one of the servers, or for some reason or other our internet cuts out (storm, lightning, etc...) all that displays when trying to access it online would be DynDns' "Bad Gateway" page.

Now what could I do to rout this through a page, hosted by an independent network, so that if it detects that there is no connection to my servers It will either forward the visitor to another location, or display a message?

Any help would be appreciated, I didn't really know where to put this, but I'm sure there is some sort of script that can check for this, but I also though need to keep search engines in mind for later on. I don't want them indexing this "directional" page, but to continue on to the actual home page the url directs to.


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