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Just a quick question to any web designers out thier, can i ask what the best screen size and res it is to design web site in, so its compatable with most users ?

I currently run on a 21inch Montior at 1024x768

Would u advize me getting a smaller screen ? i was interested in getting a 15 TFT monitor, my graphics card can cope with both at the same time, dual display but am i correct in thinking they both have to have the same resolution ie 1024x768 or can u set it up so each one is different ?

Any help or advice would be very helpful, thx in advance..............


I may actually be insane.
Personally I use whatever res I'm comfortable with, and use an app called WndResize to resize the browser window to 640x480 to check for compatability with that resolution.

Dual displays can be set independant of each-other, you could have one at 800x600 and the other at 1600x1200 (if supported) they dont need to be the same :)


Here's what I do, and would do again if I had to start over: I run my 19" monitor at 1024X768 all the time, cuz I'm used to it, but when I create my webpages, I use Dreamweaver and it has a small easy option to resize it's own work-space window to be any of the common resolutions out there in the world.

I always have chose to design for 800 X 600


I may actually be insane.
You should always try and make your sites compatible with 640x480, that way you know that no matter when res your visitors use it will always look the same :)

Oh, and compliancy, that's an absolute must ;)

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