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Site blocking

I keep getting this message when i try to visit some sites on my laptop. i have no idea how to get rid of it. The thing is that it blocks my IP address to access my route although i can access it from my main PC. Can any one haelp me get rid of it?

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A.) What error message?
B.) What security suite are you using?
C.) Do you have any sites listed in the "Restricted sites" list?
i had a virus on the laptop just last week cant remember the name of it off top of head but it was a pain to get rid of. I'll have a nother look at it tonight when i get home.
I am still having the same problem. I went to the web page PSYBORG mentioned, but cannot see how to fix this , i dont want to go for a format, any more ideas.


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Is it your personal system or is it a work system.

Through my vpn, a number of sites are blocked as "non-work related" and I can't access them from work.

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