Sisoft Sandra 2004 SP1


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28 Dec 2001
I used this application on my notebook PC.

Firstly is it any good (Sandra 2004 that is)? Secondly it's telling me that my memory bandwidth is rubbish (34%). The fix it recommends is increasing the speed settings etc... which may be set at ultra safe factory settings - eh?

Is this a wind up or is it actually telling me the truth? If it's possible to do so how do I increase said settings?

Incidently I found this BIOS tweak at:

Bank 0/1, 2/3, 4/5 DRAM timing: Use this to set the DRAM memory module timing. Most BIOSes default to 10ns. Other options available may be (from my BIOS) 8ns, Normal, Medium, Fast, Turbo. Selecting a different setting may improve RAM performance, but reduce stability. Turbo is the fastest setting, 10ns is the slowest (& most stable).

But sadly my BIOS does not include thisoption (or indeed virtually every other option mentioned in that guide ;)
That's usually the case with almost any laptop BIOS. Most options are restricted/removed to prevent people from overclocking or changing other settings that could potentially damage their machines.
Even if you found a way around the bios lockouts you don't want to. A laptop doesn't have adequate cooling to try overclocking. You can get away overclocking a Desktop/Tower because you have 4-6 fans in it. The laptop will cook.

As for Sandra 2004. There are things Sandra does that are good and there are things that I question.

How did you determine your bandwidth is only 34%?

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