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Single XP user, Delete "Shared" Files

Is it possible to uninstall/delete the "shared" user account? I have a folder with "All Users" and my acccount "Fuzzy," I will not be sharing this computer. I only want my admin account.

I looked for it on the net and on this site, and couldnt find out how to do it. Sorry if it is posted here, I must have used bad keywords in my search.:happy:
There is no "Shared" profile. By default you should have 3 profiles. Administrator, All Users, and Default. You should not delete any of these.
Why there is no Shared profile or why you shouldn't delete any of the 3 profiles?

In essence the All User's profile is a shared profile I guess, but it is required by Windows. You should not delete any of these profiles because Windows requires them. Good enough?

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