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Simple WSUS Question

3.0 and Servers

On Servers with wsus 2.0 we had them to install. This cause some issues with servers rebooting when they wanted to.

So they were set to detect only.

3.0 there is no detect only option. So if I do not approve it or decline it. Will I know that updates are needed for that server?
No Auto-restart for Scheduled Automatic Update Installation Options

This policy specifies that to complete a scheduled installation, Automatic Updates will wait for the computer to be restarted by any user who is logged on, instead of causing the computer to restart automatically.
If the status is set to Enabled, Automatic Updates will not restart a computer automatically during a scheduled installation if a user is logged on to the computer. Instead, Automatic Updates will notify the user to restart the computer in order to complete the installation.
Be aware that Automatic Updates will not be able to detect future updates until the restart occurs.
If the status is set to Disabled or Not Configured, Automatic Updates will notify the user that the computer will automatically restart in 5 minutes to complete the installation.
This policy applies only when Automatic Updates is configured to perform scheduled installations of updates. If the Configure Automatic Updates policy is disabled, this policy has no effect.
To inhibit auto-restart for scheduled Automatic Update installation options
  1. In Group Policy Object Editor, expand Computer Configuration, expand Administrative Templates, expand Windows Components, and then click Windows Update.
  2. In the details pane, click No auto-restart for scheduled Automatic Update installation options, and set the option.
  3. Click OK.

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