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Simple utility to import pictures from camera


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Hey guys,

I'm looking for a simple utility that will allow me to just import my photos from my camera into my computer. I don't want any albums, I don't want any special features. I just want to be able to say, import my pictures from here, to here.

I've been searching download.com and haven't found anything. Oh, btw, free software is highly recommended!
It's called Windows XP???

If the camera is USB compliant just plug the camera in and it will pop up a menu asking what to do with the pictures on the camera.
when you plug in the camera into the usb port open "my computer" and you will get a new icon for the camera just open it and you can copy the picture from there
if you plug it in and open my computer it should show up there under "other devices" you can then open like a hard disk and browse, move, delete, etc... the contents on the camera. My camera and my pocket pc both work in this fashion using windows xp.

hehe....must have posted at same time.....


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Thing that sucks about that: I have to navigate about... 6 directories to get to my pictures if I go through Windows, heh.


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Yup, the XP is so good I have not even loaded the Kodak software on my 'puter after I re formatted. It's less hastle than any other 3rd party programe you may find.


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Zombies solution is a neat one - but involves $'s .... also some printers (like my all in one) have slots for memory cards, something to bear in mind if you are changing printer anytime soon....


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No, see I'm not one for printing them, and I really have no need for a memory reader, I mean it's great that I have a dock and can just hit a button for it to load up. But the Kodak software just sucks, I wish Windows XP had an option to automatically import the pictures somewhere... I mean hell they've been good with that kind of stuff! Which sort of reminds me, whenever I put in a CD or something like that, you know how the box with different options pops up? That isn't coming up... what would cause that?

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1/ I've got a kodak as well. I only load the software to transfer the photos (not the other rubbish) to a folder of my choice. I've put a shortcut to the software on the desktop & turned it off in msconfig. Turn it on only when I need it. As for looking at the photos all I use is Windows Picture Viewer. If it is the same as mine this is all I load>>>>> PTS14 & CCS14. In that order.

2/ Try the attachment to fix the auto start.


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