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Simple LAN Chat Software...

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Does anyone know of any free simple LAN chat software? I just finished hooking up the kids' PC to the local network and even though all PC's are within 20 feet from each other, they seem to really get a kick out of chatting. :rolleyes:

I've tried a few but they either don't work or not simple enough. The kids range from 4 to 12 years so simplicity is key.

BTW: Running CAT5, cutting wall plate openings, drilling holes in the floor behind the wall and hooking up the jacks is a pain in the @$$, but now that it's done, it looks and works sweet. :)

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A good private chat program is War Room. Even has some kewl sounds with it. Download the server & client for one computer & the client for the other computers. Put in the isp & port numbers & away you go.


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Correct me if im wrong but isnt that

Put in the ip & port numbers & away you go!


Thanks for the suggestions...

After trying 7 different ones with varying levels of success I have finally found one that works! The others either didn't work, didn't work right, or too complex.

I ended up using "SimpleChat" for now. Its simple enough for even the kids to use. Winchat required one PC dialing and the other answering... a little too involved for my young'ins. ;)

The only thing I don't like about SimpleChat is that you MUST totally exit the program or you cannot log off. If you click the close button, it just sits in the sys tray. My four year old didn't like that he couldn't shut off the PC so he held the power button until the PC shut down. <sigh> Kids. :rolleyes:
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