Simple backup (copy) tool needed

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Vorpal, Sep 15, 2003.

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    :) Man, I'm feeling lazy tonight.

    I need a simple backup tool where I can select several files/folders and have them copied from their drives to a different drive. (w/ some kind of profile storage so I just launch something or click a button... Like two shortcuts, one to backup my list of files/folders and one to restore a backup).

    I'm feeling lazy, but I guess I could write a little VB6 app or batch file to do this.... :) I use to be good at batch files, but I haven't touced them in years.

    Anyone have/use anything for something like this?

    I'm just in the middle of testing a lot of software and using Ghost frequently to create/restore images. I have things set up so I need to back up very few files/folders:
    OE Email
    Address Book
    My Documents
    And a couple of application settings files.
    And a couple of other minor files

    It sounds like a batch file to me... The only thing I'd be missing for brain dead use is a way to import (not copy) messages back into OE. The address book can just be overwritten, but I'm not sure if just copying files back into the OE dir would work.

  2. Admiral Michael

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    Second Copy 2000 might be what yorur looking for. You can even have it backup all the files a zip file. Don't have a link, sorry.