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People have asked me where I have gotta my "butt" picture in my signature, I dont know I just found it! The other day I was looking around and I found another "butt" picture that looks the same. I was wondering if anybody knew who this accually is, and if these two pictures are the same person. Also, where can I get more!!!!

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The Wallpaper thread is here


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what do you mean, whats wrong with them? Nothing is wrong with them. I'm just wondering if there the same, and who it is? Where I can get more!!


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hmm.... judging by the butt..... i'm saying it could be oh... 1 or 2 people that people like us would never meet. although one person i know from high school that i talk to fairly often over cell phone now is awful hawt, but i never actually got the opportunity to see her butt with nothing on it cept a cloth, so i still wouldn't know, though i wouldn't mind tryin. *drools* i think about her too much lately. and her skin ain't that tan as far as i know from the last time i've seen her in person...

btw, Bman, this sound familiar?

"Oh, and you're a regular road scholar. wh... where was it you graduated from again, hmm??? the university of DUUHHHHHH!!!"

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