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"SIM Card Registration Failure"???


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Hey all. I have an LG Chocolate fone and Vodafone Pay Monthly contract. Suddenly when i started up my phone it comes up on the home screen ""SIM Card Registration Failure" and now I can't receive/make any calls or texts.

It is true I am about 2 weeks late of one of my payments, but surely they didn't lock my SIM card? I asked my friend who works in the phone business and he says they wouldnt lock because of a late payment that quickly so I am very confused.

I am in the middle of changing ownership of the contract to my girlfriend's sister and all i need to do is give her 'change of ownership' forms and then when she fills them out just send them away. However I need my SIM card to be working with the contract on it to give to her so I am great need of knowing what I should do...

Any help VERY much appreciated thank you


Woah.. I'm still here?
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just for the obvious.. have you tried to shut down yoru phone and reseat (pull out and put back in) the SIM card/battery?
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Woah.. I'm still here?
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Do I have to reference the other thread where I ask if anyone even listens to me anymore??!?!? :) ;) :p

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