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SilverLight Mac OS X crashes


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Not sure if anyone else here has the Silverlight Plugin for Mac OS X, but if you do, have you found that it causes Safari to crash as soon as you close a tab?

I am running the latest Safari developer preview, mainly because it is many times faster than the 3.x or whatever people are running these days. Just can't navigate away from a page with Silverlight on it :p


I may actually be insane.
I installed SilverLight when it was first announced, hadn't found any use for it though, so got rid.
Only site I know of that uses it, is the ITV (UK TV Channel) web player, and I have no real urge to watch old episodes of the dreary tripe they broadcast.

Anyhow, on the subject of the latest Safari preview, I found it was actually giving me problems with other aspects of the system, so that had to go too. I use the regular Safari, and a have NightShift scheduled to run at 3am every day to get me the latest webkit for speedy rendering :)


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What kind of problems? The latest Safari 4 preview is from December 08. The one previous to that had some issues, but those seem to be fixed now.


I may actually be insane.
I couldn't put the problems on it exactly, but I had quite a few kernel panics whilst running it. I tried disconnecting all my USB goodies, not running certain apps, but I always seemed to get KP's every two or three days.

Since reverting back to the latest stable release, they've gone away, so it seemed it was the most likely candidate for causing the problems.


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Safari should not be able to cause Kernel Panics, not even the beta. None of the code that is installed in the preview contains kernel code, and even so it should not cause kernel panics unless something is seriously wrong with your install.

Check the crash logs for your kernel panics and see if you can find what caused them, it should have some sort of backtrace along with where it went wrong.

The worst it can do is cause crashes in parts that require webkit (mdworker for example in the old preview used to crash with the new webkit because of a bug in the particular version of webkit that was included when processing my email to inclusion in Spotlight)

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